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Lead Veterinarian and Practice Owner

Meet Dr. Milazzo, our lead veterinarian and the owner of Animal Medical Center of Gilman. With a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from the University of Illinois and a doctorate in veterinary medicine, she brings expertise to our practice. Driven by her love for animals, she opened her own practice after gaining experience in private practice and completing a food animal medicine internship. Dr. Milazzo has a not-so-secret passion for Harry Potter and a goal to run all of the World Marathon Majors. London holds a special place in her heart, and she powers her days with tea. In veterinary medicine, she finds joy in surgery and improving the lives of beloved family members. Her own furry family includes Luna and Mousse, her two dogs, along with Quinn the horse, Neville, Remus, and Sirius the goats, and Lavender and Nicolas the cows. Dr. Milazzo is excited to provide expert care for your pets and make a positive difference in their lives.


DR. Moritz-Kinkade

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Dayna is our dedicated associate veterinarian, bringing her expertise to our team! She earned her bachelor's degree in animal science and her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. When she's not saving lives, she enjoys baking, reading, and crocheting. Growing up, Dr. Dayna showed beef cattle, and she had her own storybook moment by marrying her high school sweetheart, Shawn. Within veterinary medicine, she finds joy in educating clients and performing surgeries. Dr. Dayna shares her home with two adorable dogs, JC and Finn, and two "stupid" barn cats named Buck and Buford.

You thought she was done? Nope! She also has 4 fainting goats named Cinnamon, Ginger, Rosemary, and Poppy. Stay tuned for potential new additions to her furry crew! Meet Dr. Dayna and witness her expertise and passion for animal care shine through.



Certified Veterinary Technician

Meet Hunter, our extraordinary certified veterinary technician. She graduated with an associates in veterinary technology from Parkland College in 2019. With her expertise and dedication, she consistently delivers top-notch care to our furry friends. Equipped with a comprehensive degree in veterinary technology, she ensures their well-being with skill and compassion. Off-duty, Hunter often finds herself baking, as it is something she loves dearly. She can also be found snacking on popcorn at any given moment. If she smells that familiar smell, she will go on the hunt for it. If you're ever wondering what Hunter might be jamming out to in our clinic, there's a 99% it's Taylor Swift. When it comes to veterinary medicine, she finds joy in anesthetic procedures, surgeries, and working with large animals. At home, her pack of five dogs—Finn, Cash, Sage, Mazi, and Rambo—bring boundless love and happiness to her life. Three out of the five are Brittany Spaniels (she may have a favorite breed)! She's always more than happy to help out your furry loved ones however she can. 



Marketing/Social Media Manager

Meet Megan, the creative force behind our clinic. She received a bachelor's degree in marketing from Indiana Wesleyan University while working at the clinic as a receptionist. After graduating, Megan has taken charge of all things media-related at our clinic, including this website you're exploring. Megan is a master of dad jokes and loves making people laugh, which you can experience firsthand on our social media platforms. As an avid nature lover, she's always up for outdoor adventures like kayaking and fishing. When regarding some of her favorite things, she has a soft spot for Chipotle and pickles. One of Megan's favorite aspects of veterinary medicine is witnessing the growth of our patients and being such a big part of their lives. At home, she shares her life with two beloved dogs, Razy and Copper. Stay tuned for Megan's humor on our social media channels. She's always there to put a smile on your face!



Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Meet Kristen, our amazing receptionist who occasionally assists in the exam room. She's an outdoor enthusiast who finds joy in riding her horse. When it comes to desserts, her heart belongs to cheesecake. Kristen's bucket list dream is to go cage diving and encounter sharks up close. Her favorite thing about veterinary medicine? Seeing Golden Retrievers (at least she is being completely honest about it)! Kristen's furry family includes two dogs named Pepper and Johnny, a standard horse named Lona, two mini horses named Spirit and Sassy, and a charming bunch of barn cats. Next time you visit, don't hesitate to chat with Kristen about cheesecake, outdoor adventures, or Golden Retrievers. She's always here to welcome you with a warm smile and to assist you!

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Meet Torri, our newest team member at AMC Gilman! Beyond her warm greetings at the front desk, Torri brings a unique blend of passions and interests. Torri's love for ice cream, sandwiches, and all things sweet is matched only by her dedication to family and baking. She's sweet all around! In her free time, she's on a mission to leash-train her cats (yes, you read that right) and enjoys quality moments with her husband. The cats in leash training you ask? Her babies, Cooper (Coopy) and Charlotte (Crazy Kitty)! While Torri loves all country music, she has an extra soft spot for Taylor Swift. On the weekends, Torri can often be found showcasing her talent in wedding makeup or shopping for home decor! At the clinic, Torri thrives on the simple pleasures of veterinary medicine whether it be the joy of puppy kisses or the comfort of cat cuddles! Her enthusiasm and love for learning make her a very exciting addition to our team. We can't wait for you to meet her! 



Clinic Cat/Greeter/Pickpocket

Percy is by far the most loved staff member we have! What we thought was going to be a sick visit quickly turned into an adoption. Don't ask Dr. Milazzo about that story because she will tell you Hunter and Megan were to thank for it (they may or may not have begged her for a clinic cat). Like the receptionists, Percy will be one of the first members of the staff to greet your furry friends at the door. He especially loves friends that come in a carrier. He genuinely thinks he's coming to their rescue! Percy can be found chasing flies that sneak in, looking for treats, and getting severe "zoomies" up and down the hallway in our office. If you listen closely during your visit, you'll often hear his ungraceful and elephant-like run.

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